Exhibit 21.1

1.NICUSA, Inc.*Kansas, U.S.
2.Kansas Information Consortium, LLC**Kansas, U.S.
3.Indiana Interactive, LLC**Indiana, U.S.
4.Arkansas Information Consortium, LLC**Arkansas, U.S.
5.Nebraska Interactive, LLC**Nebraska, U.S.
6.Virginia Interactive, LLC**Virginia, U.S.
7.Iowa Interactive, LLC**Iowa, U.S.
 Montana Interactive, LLC**Montana, U.S.
9.Maine Information Network, LLC**Maine, U.S.
10.Utah Interactive, LLC**Utah, U.S.
11.Hawaii Information Consortium, LLC**Hawaii, U.S.
12.Idaho Information Consortium, LLC**Idaho, U.S.
13.Illinois Interactive, LLC**Illinois, U.S.
14.NIC Federal, LLC**Kansas, U.S.
15.National Online Registries, LLC**Colorado, U.S.
16.Alabama Interactive, LLC**Alabama, U.S.
17.Kentucky Interactive, LLC**Kentucky, U.S.
18.NIC Solutions, LLC**Colorado, U.S.
19.South Carolina Interactive, LLC**South Carolina, U.S.
20.Colorado Interactive, LLC**Colorado, U.S.
21  Local Government Online Indiana, LLC**Indiana, U.S.
22.Vermont Information Consortium, LLC**Vermont, U.S.
23.Oklahoma Interactive, LLC**Oklahoma, U.S.
24.Rhode Island Interactive, LLC**Rhode Island, U.S.
25.NIC Services, LLC*Colorado, U.S.
26.West Virginia Interactive, LLC**West Virginia, U.S.
27.Texas NICUSA, LLC**Texas, U.S.
28.New Mexico Interactive, LLC**New Mexico, U.S.
29.New Jersey Interactive, LLC**New Jersey, U.S.
30.Mississippi Interactive, LLC**Mississippi, U.S.
31.Maryland Interactive, LLC**Maryland, U.S.
32.Michigan Interactive, LLC**Michigan, U.S.
33.Oregon Information Consortium, LLC**Oregon, U.S.
34.Software Exchange, LLC*Kansas, U.S.
35.Pennsylvania Interactive, LLC**Pennsylvania, U.S.
36.Wisconsin Interactive Network, LLC**Wisconsin, U.S.
37.Connecticut Interactive, LLC**Connecticut, U.S.
38.Louisiana Interactive, LLC**Louisiana, U.S.
39.Complia, LLC**Colorado, U.S.
*Wholly owned subsidiary of NIC Inc.
**Wholly owned subsidiary of NICUSA, Inc.
1 This list may omit the names of certain subsidiaries that, as of December 31, 2019, would not be deemed “significant subsidiaries” as defined in Rule 1-02(w) of Regulation S-X if considered in the aggregate.